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10 Best Loretta Chase Book & Series List in Order (2023)

10 Best Loretta Chase Book & Series List in Order (2023) such as The Dressmakers series, The Carsington Brothers Series, Scoundrels Series

Discover the Best Loretta Chase Books in Our Top List!

Loretta Chase, a legendary figure in the historical romance genre, charms readers with her witty writing style and strong, independent female characters. 

Over three decades of writing, Chase has earned a reputation as a master of storytelling and has won numerous awards for her work. Her books captivate audiences with intriguing plotlines, relatable characters, and rich themes.

In this article, we delve into Loretta Chase's most popular novels, showcasing the brilliant romance and heartfelt storytelling that have made her an iconic author. 

So, let's embark on a journey through the charming world of Loretta Chase's novels and relish her captivating writing style.

Historical romance fans and new readers alike, grab a cup of tea, settle in, and get ready to experience the best of Loretta Chase's books. Trust us, you won't regret it!

About Loretta Chase - Wikipedia

Loretta Chase, née Loretta Lynda Chekani is an American writer of romance novels since 1987.. Wikipedia

Born: June 2, 1949 (age 73 years), United States

Education: Clark University

Awards: Vivian Award for Historical Romance – Long

Nominations: RITA Award for Best Historical Romance: Long, Vivian Award for Historical Romance – Long


Loretta Chase's books ranked based on popularity

Uncover Your Personal Favorite Loretta Chase Books!

Ranking Loretta Chase's books based on popularity is subjective as personal preferences and opinions can vary greatly. 

So, instead of forcing you to choose from a pre-determined list, we encourage you to explore a variety of her books and determine which ones you love the most.

That said, many of Loretta Chase's books have earned positive reviews and accolades for their captivating storylines, well-rounded characters, and witty writing style. 

The Dressmakers series, the Carsington Brothers series, and standalone novels like "Your Scandalous Ways" and "Not Quite a Lady" have all garnered a following of dedicated fans.

So, whether you're a seasoned reader or new to Loretta Chase's writing, dive into her books and uncover your personal favorites. The journey is just as enjoyable as the destination!

In what order should I read Loretta Chase's Books? 

Embark on a Journey Through Loretta Chase's World of Elegant Romance!

Discover the wit, humor, and captivating characters of bestselling historical romance author Loretta Chase. 

With each book, she transports readers to a world of elegant balls, grand estates, and heart-pumping romance, winning numerous awards and accolades along the way.

So, get ready to escape into a world of romance and adventure as you explore the books of Loretta Chase. 

With her clever writing style and engaging characters, her books are sure to keep you entertained and swept away.

Here is a list of Loretta Chase's books in order:

Publication Order of Carsington Brothers Book Series

Publication Order of Difficult Dukes Book Series

Publication Order of The Dressmakers Book Series

Publication Order of Fallen Women Book Series

Publication Order of Regency Noblemen Book Series

Publication Order of Scoundrels Book Series

Publication Order of Trevelyan Family Book Series

Publication Order of Standalone Novel Series

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Publication Order of Anthologies

Decide how you want to delve into Loretta Chase's books - by publication order or by following the chronological order of the series. 

Whichever path you choose, you will be captivated by her engaging characters and the thrilling adventures they embark on. 

So, grab your reading glasses and you will be able to enjoy Loretta Chase's books and the adventures of her engaging characters and get ready to fall in love with Loretta Chase's world of historical romance.

How many popular books are in the Loretta Chase series?

With 21 published novels and novellas, Loretta Chase is a bestselling historical romance author who has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. 

Delve into her popular series, such as The Dressmakers and the Carsington Brothers, or experience her entire body of work as one enchanting series. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Loretta Chase's historical romance novels.

10 Best Loretta Chase Book & Series List in Order (2023)

Savor the romance and excitement of bestselling author Loretta Chase! For over three decades, Chase has captivated readers with her witty, charming stories featuring fearless and dynamic characters.

Adored by fans for her character-driven tales and distinct voice, Chase doesn't limit herself to just romance. She masterfully blends mystery, drama, and adventure into her novels, drawing in a diverse reader base.

Join us in celebrating some of Loretta Chase's finest books, showcasing her dazzling writing and enchanting storytelling. Whether you're a seasoned admirer or new to her work, get ready to be swept away by Loretta Chase's world of romance and adventure!

Here is the Complete Series List in Order that Loretta Chase has published:

1. The Dressmakers series

Get caught up in the captivating historical romance of Loretta Chase's Dressmakers Series! This series explores the lives and loves of four talented dressmakers in 19th-century England as they navigate the challenges of love, career, and independence.

At the heart of the series is Madame de Bressac's renowned modiste in Victorian London, where each dressmaker strives for love and happiness while facing conflicts and tests of loyalty and trust.

In Silk Is For Seduction, join Miss Amelia Hastings as she balances two suitors, Lord Freydon and Mr. Cavendish while navigating high society and her own insecurities.

Scandal Wears Satin brings Miss Isidore Dauntry into the spotlight, who must repair her reputation after a scandalous incident with Lord Marcham and confront her feelings for him.

Vixen in Velvet introduces us to Miss Miranda Clarke and her tumultuous relationship with the brooding Duke of Clermont, as they face secrets and past traumas.

Finally, in Dukes Prefer Blondes, meet Miss Caroline Hargreaves as she chooses between the Duke of Ryde and Mr. Pinter and confronts her own insecurities.

Love and loyalty are at the forefront of each book, and the Dressmakers Series by Loretta Chase delivers engaging characters, captivating plotlines, and themes that will leave you yearning for more. Get ready to be swept away by this delightful and romantic series!

2. The Carsington Brothers Series

Explore the charming world of The Carsington Family series with Loretta Chase's quintet of historical romance novels! 

This series showcases the lives and loves of the four handsome and rakish Carsington brothers and their eccentric family. 

With each book, the reader delves into a different brother's journey as they find their way in society, confront family expectations, and ultimately fall in love with strong and independent women.

From the devil-may-care Rupert Carsington in "Miss Wonderful" to the roguish and unconventional Peter Carsington in "Not Quite A Lady," each character is complex and fully realized with their own motivations and conflicts driving the action of the story. 

Throughout the series, Chase delves into themes of trust, loyalty, and love as her characters overcome their own doubts and insecurities to find happiness.

In "Mr. Impossible," the dashing and rakish Lord Francis Carsington marries the plain and practical Miss Emily Fogg to save her from ruin, only to find themselves drawn to each other despite their initial animosity. 

In "Lord Perfect," the handsome and charming Lord Oswald Carsington falls for the unconventional and independent Miss Sophia Frye but must overcome their own demons and societal expectations to find true happiness.

In "Last Night's Scandal," the charming and devil-may-care Mr. Oliver Carsington finds himself drawn to the strong-willed and independent Miss Louisa Dimbleby. As they navigate society's expectations and their own misgivings, they must decide whether to trust each other and take a chance at love.

Experience the thrill of the historical romance genre with the Carsington Family series! Each turn of the page will leave you swooning and sighing, making this series a must-read for fans of the genre.

3. Scoundrels Series 

Get swept away by The Scoundrels series, a five-book journey into the lives and loves of rakish, rakehell, and irresistible aristocrats written by Loretta Chase.

The Lion's Daughter stars Lady Daphne Pembroke, a spirited and independent young woman, who gets entangled in a scandalous affair with the notorious Lord Heyward. Can these two confront their feelings and trust each other amidst the treacherous waters of society?

Captives of the Night introduces us to the daring and devil-may-care Viscount Devlin who must marry Miss Honoria Wetherby to save her from ruin. Despite their initial animosity, Devlin and Honoria's attraction to each other grows, and they must overcome their differences to find true love.

Lord of Scoundrels features the notorious rake, Sebastian Ballister, the Marquess of Dain, falling in love with the strong-willed and independent Jessica Trent. Society's expectations and their own demons challenge their relationship, leaving them to decide if they're willing to risk everything for happiness.

The Last Hellion showcases the roguish and unconventional Viscount Rathbourne, who falls for the unconventional Lady Leonora Carlyle. Can these two navigate the pitfalls of society and their own misgivings to trust each other and take a chance at love?

The Mad Earl's Bride concludes the series with the story of the mad and dangerous Earl of Anselm who finds himself drawn to the spirited and independent Lady Amelia d'Orsay. 

Society's treacherous waters and their troubled pasts put their trust to the test as they decide if they are willing to embrace a future together.

Throughout the series, Chase delves into themes of trust, loyalty, and love as her characters fight to overcome their doubts and insecurities to find happiness. 

Each main character is complex and well-rounded, with their motivations and conflicts driving the action of the story.

Fans of historical romance, don't miss this must-read series that will leave you swooning and sighing with every turn of the page.

4. The Difficult Dukes Series 

Embark on a journey of love and self-discovery with the Difficult Dukes series by Loretta Chase! This alluring historical romance series follows the lives and loves of two independent women in Victorian England who must overcome societal expectations and their own personal demons to find happiness.

In "A Duke in Shining Armor," meet Miss Georgiana Hawkins, a disowned young woman who works as a governess and refuses to let her circumstances dictate her happiness. 

She crosses paths with the handsome and enigmatic Duke of Winterson, known for his troubled past and reputation for being difficult to please. 

But as their relationship deepens, they must navigate their own personal demons and societal expectations while resisting their strong attraction to each other.

In "Ten Things I Hate About the Duke," encounter Miss Elizabeth Hotchkiss, another disowned young woman working as a governess who is smart and independent yet struggling with loneliness and isolation. 

She meets the charming and handsome Duke of Ashmont, who is betrothed to someone else, but Elizabeth can't resist her attraction to him. 

The two must confront societal expectations and family disapproval while resisting the temptation to be together.

The Difficult Dukes series explores themes of trust, loyalty, and love, as the main characters face difficult choices and navigate complex relationships in their quest for happiness and fulfillment. 

With strong, independent female protagonists and a heartwarming romance, this series will leave you swooning and filled with hope. If you're a fan of historical romance novels, this is one series you won't want to miss!

5. Fallen Women Series

"The Fallen Women series" by Loretta Chase entices readers with its captivating historical romance that revolves around the lives and loves of three fierce, autonomous women in Victorian England.

Your Scandalous Ways, the first book in the series, presents Lady Clara Fairfax as the protagonist. Abandoned by her spouse, Clara now resides with her aunt and uncle in seclusion, but she remains resolute to reclaim her place in society and achieve happiness on her own terms.

As she encounters the enigmatic and handsome Lord Rycliff, whose past bears turmoil and a notorious rake reputation, Clara's journey to fulfillment intensifies. 

With a deepening relationship between Clara and Rycliff, they must confront their personal demons, societal expectations, and their mutual attraction, all while striving to find happiness.

Don't Tempt Me introduces Miss Penelope Thorne, a smart and independent governess, disowned by her family, who struggles with feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

The charming Duke of Langford, betrothed to another, ignites an instant attraction in Penelope, launching her on a journey to confront societal expectations and family disapproval, as she and the Duke resist the temptation to be together.

The main characters in the series confront difficult decisions and navigate intricate relationships and societal expectations to find happiness and fulfillment. Trust, loyalty, and love pervade the series, adding depth and intricacy to the tale.

The Fallen Women series provides readers with a heartwarming and delightful read, full of romance, drama, and ultimately, hope. 

If you are a fan of historical romance novels that feature strong and autonomous female protagonists, you will surely want to give this series a try.

6. Regency Noblemen Series 

In the Regency Noblemen series, bestselling author Loretta Chase transports you to the fashionable world of Regency England where passion and societal expectations collide. 

The first book, "Viscount Vagabond," introduces you to Lord Christian Grey, a wealthy and handsome viscount with a devil-may-care attitude and wild ways. When he meets the spirited Miss Amelia Bristol, she challenges him at every turn, but also ignites a flame in him he can't resist. 

The two embark on a journey filled with complicated relationships, conflicting personalities, and societal expectations, all while they confront their own fears and insecurities and learn to trust and rely on each other.

In the second book, "The Devil's Delilah," you'll meet Lord Ethan Blackwood, a notorious rake and playboy who always gets what he wants. But when he meets the beautiful and sharp-witted Miss Lily Davenport, she presents a challenge like no other. 

As they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship, they must also confront their own demons and learn to trust and rely on each other, despite their shared history and societal expectations.

The Regency Noblemen series is filled with complex and multifaceted characters, each with its own motivations, conflicts, and demons. Lord Christian Grey is charming and handsome, but also a rake and a playboy. 

Miss Amelia Bristol is independent and strong-willed but also struggles with self-doubt and insecurity. Lord Ethan Blackwood is handsome and charming, but also a notorious rake and playboy. Miss Lily Davenport is sharp-witted and intelligent, but also has a troubled past she is trying to leave behind.

The themes of trust, loyalty, and love run deep in the Regency Noblemen series as the characters navigate the challenges and complications of their relationships. 

Through the ups and downs, they ultimately learn the importance of these values in building a strong and lasting partnership. 

So, be prepared for a wild ride of passion, drama, and ultimately hope, as you join Lord Christian Grey and Miss Amelia Bristol, and Lord Ethan Blackwood and Miss Lily Davenport on their journey to love.

7. Trevelyan Family Series

Chase Loretta, the bestselling author, weaves a tale of charm and romance in the Trevelyan Family series, where the Trevelyan siblings confront the intricacies of love, family, and relationships.

Isabella, the youngest of the Trevelyan sisters, known for her wit and independent spirit, captures the reader's attention in the first book of the series, Isabella. 

The sharp Isabella meets Lord Ashcombe, handsome and charming, but the relationship is muddled by contrasting personalities and societal norms. 

As they tackle the difficulties of their relationship, Isabella and Lord Ashcombe must confront their own fears and insecurities and learn to rely on and trust each other.

Penelope, the Trevelyan sister in the middle, unconventional and enamored with magic, steals the spotlight in the second book, The English Witch

The enchanting Penelope encounters the brooding Mr. Bridgerton and is immediately drawn to him, but the relationship is complicated by their shared past and societal expectations. 

To build a lasting bond, Penelope and Mr. Bridgerton must confront their own demons and learn to trust and rely on each other.

The Trevelyan Family series' characters are multi-dimensional, each with their own conflicts and motivations. 

Independent and strong-willed Isabella battles self-doubt and insecurity. Lord Ashcombe, charming and handsome, also bears the reputation of being a rake and playboy. 

Independent Penelope carries a troubled past while brooding and mysterious Mr. Bridgerton also has a troubled history he seeks to leave behind.

Trust, loyalty, and love form the crux of the Trevelyan Family series, as the characters face the challenges of their relationships. 

Isabella and Lord Ashcombe must trust and rely on each other to establish a lasting bond. Penelope and Mr. Bridgerton must confront their demons and learn to trust and rely on each other to move forward together. 

Through the tumultuous journeys of their relationships, the characters in the Trevelyan Family series come to understand the significance of love and loyalty in building a robust and enduring partnership.

Other Books by Loretta Chase

With a talent for crafting complex and captivating characters and storylines, bestselling author Loretta Chase enchants readers through her standalone novels such as "Knave's Wager," "The Sandalwood Princess," "Falling Stars," and more.

In "Knave's Wager," the Duke of Kyle and Miss Charlotte Reid must navigate a mystery, forging trust and reliance on each other. The themes of trust, loyalty, and love imbue the relationships between the main characters with depth and drive the plot forward.

For admirers of historical romance and anyone seeking a well-woven love story with a touch of wit and humor, Loretta Chase's books are an absolute must-read. Regardless if you're a newcomer to her work or a long-time devotee, her extensive repertoire has something for everyone.

8. Knave’s Wager

Loretta Chase's "Knave's Wager" weaves a tale set in the Regency era of England, where the Duke of Kyle and Miss Charlotte Reid's relationship takes center stage. 

With the Duke fueled by a desire to triumph over his friends' bet and Miss Charlotte motivated by her drive to establish her independence, these two main characters confront a dynamic of opposition. 

However, as they delve into solving a mystery together, they find themselves forging a bond built on trust and mutual respect.

9. The Sandalwood Princess

"The Sandalwood Princess" by Loretta Chase conjures a whirlwind of emotions as it tracks the tale of Lady Mary Alistair and Mr. Brandon Burke's love story set in the Regency era. 

Lady Mary aims to secure her financial future by finding a husband, while Mr. Burke sets out to clear his family's name and prove his worth. 

Despite starting off on hostile terms, their fiery personalities ignite a passion as they solve a mystery together. 

However, to secure a happy ending, Lady Mary and Mr. Burke must face their individual loyalties and build trust in each other.

10. Falling Stars

In Falling Stars by Loretta Chase, movie star Caroline West, and mysterious Jack Niall ignite a steamy attraction as they navigate their ambitions and personal demons. 

Driven by a thirst for success, Caroline strives to prove her worth as an actress. Jack, on the other hand, aims to break free from his troubled past and create a new life. 

Despite the initial pull, the two must conquer their fears and work through trust issues as their high-profile careers bring new challenges. Only then can Caroline and Jack support each other and truly soar as falling stars.

Conclusion of books by Loretta Chase

Indulge in Loretta Chase's sophisticated and nuanced historical romance novels. She captivates readers with her memorable and relatable characters that trigger an innate urge to root for them. 

From standalone novels to series like the Dressmakers series and the Cavendish series, Loretta's diverse and extensive catalog has something for every reader.

Although Loretta Chase may have retired from writing, her books still remain popular and easily accessible in bookstores and online. 

Don't miss the chance to discover her other works, and keep an eye out for any reissues or new editions of her books. Trust us, you won't regret it!

I hope this information is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

FAQs for a list of the best Loretta Chase books and series in order:

What are the best Loretta Chase books and series?

Some popular Loretta Chase books and series include the "Dukes Behaving Badly" series, the "Carsington Family" series, and the "Lord of Scoundrels" series.

In what order should I read the Loretta Chase books and series?

It is generally recommended to read the Loretta Chase books and series in chronological order, as this will allow you to fully appreciate the development of the characters and the relationships between them.

What genre do Loretta Chase's books fall into?

Loretta Chase writes primarily historical romance novels.

Who is Loretta Chase?

Loretta Chase is an American author of historical romance novels.. She is known for her witty and engaging writing style and for her complex and well-developed characters.

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