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20 Best Rachel Hauck Books & Series In Order (2023)

20 Best Rachel Hauck Books & Series In Order (2023)

Discover the 20 Best Rachel Hauck Books, in order, for an Immersive Reading Experience.

Rachel Hauck, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romantic fiction has woven over 30 captivating novels, including "Once Upon a Prince," "The Wedding Shop," and "The Royal Matchmaker."

Her books highlight strong, independent women and heartwarming romances, brought to vivid life by her meticulous attention to detail and her mastery in blending historical and contemporary settings.

As a fan of Hauck's work, you're familiar with the unique and enjoyable reading experience her books offer.

But for the ultimate Hauck fan, reading her books in order will deepen your appreciation of her storytelling prowess and the themes she skillfully explores.

So, immerse yourself in the world of Rachel Hauck's characters and plots. Rank the top 20 must-reads Rachel Hauck books and delve into her enthralling stories and captivating themes.


About the author Rachel Hauck

Attention all book enthusiasts! I've got an exciting surprise for you today. Have you encountered Rachel Hauck yet? This award-winning, bestselling author of Christian fiction has been shaking up the literary scene for some time now. Allow me to introduce her to you!

Rachel's writing style is exceptional and captivating. She masterfully weaves stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but also leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. From historical romance to contemporary fiction, Rachel's books are brimming with love, hope, and faith.

One of her most celebrated books, "The Wedding Dress," tells the heartwarming story of Charlotte who inherits her grandmother's wedding dress and embarks on a journey of discovery and love. This book showcases Rachel's writing talent and I guarantee it will sweep you off your feet with its romance and touching moments.

Another must-read from Rachel is "The Royal Love Story." Get ready for a thrilling journey to the kingdom of Brighton, where a prince and a commoner fall in love against all odds. This book is packed with adventure, drama, and of course, love, making it the perfect read for a cozy day in.

And for fans of the Netflix hit show "The Queen's Gambit," you'll love Rachel's book "The Writing Desk." This book follows Ava as she finds her grandmother's writing desk and uncovers a family secret that will change her life forever.

Rachel's books are not just entertaining, they also carry a powerful message of hope and faith. Her stories will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted and I promise you'll fall in love with her writing. So whether you're seeking a light and fun read or a more serious and thought-provoking story, Rachel Hauck's books are worth checking out.

What are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest bookstore or library and grab one of Rachel's books today. I assure you, you won't regret it!

Rachel Hauck 

  • Born: December 7, 1960 (age 62 years), Ohio, United States
  • Education: The Ohio State University

Rachel Hauck Books In Order

Publication Order of Hearts Bend Collection Books with Mandy Boerma

  • One Fine Day (2022)
  • You'll Be Mine (2022)

Publication Order of Lambert Books

  • Lambert's Pride (With Lynn A. Coleman)(2004)
  • Lambert's Code (2005)
  • Lambert's Peace (2006)

Publication Order of NashVegas Books

  • Lost in NashVegas (2006)
  • Diva NashVegas (2007)

Publication Order of Nashville Books

  • Nashville Dreams (2006)
  • Nashville Sweetheart (2007)

Publication Order of Lowcountry Romance Books

  • Sweet Caroline (2008)
  • Love Starts with Elle (2008)
  • Dining with Joy (2010)

Publication Order of Songbird Books with Sara Evans

  • The Sweet By and By (2009)
  • Softly and Tenderly (2010)
  • Love Lifted Me (2012)

Publication Order of Royal Wedding Books

  • Once Upon a Prince (2013)
  • Princess Ever After (2014)
  • How to Catch a Prince (2015)
  • A Royal Christmas Wedding (2016)

Publication Order of The Wedding Collection / Heart's Bend Books

  • The Wedding Dress (2012)
  • The Wedding Chapel (2015)
  • The Wedding Shop (2016)
  • The Wedding Dress Christmas (2019)

Publication Order of True Blue Royal Books

  • To Love a Prince (2020)
  • To Save A King (2021)

Publication Order of Year Of Weddings Books

  • June (By: Lori Copeland) (1999)
  • A January Bride (By: Deborah Raney) (2013)
  • A February Bride (By: Betsy St. Amant) (2014)
  • A March Bride (2014)
  • An April Bride (By: Lenora Worth) (2014)
  • A May Bride (By: Meg Moseley) (2014)
  • A July Bride (By: Beth Wiseman) (2014)
  • An August Bride (By: Debra Clopton) (2014)
  • A September Bride (By: Kathryn Springer) (2014)
  • An October Bride (By: Katie Ganshert) (2014)
  • A November Bride (By: Beth K. Vogt) (2014)
  • Spring Brides (2015)
  • Autumn Brides (By Kathryn Springer, Katie Ganshert, Beth K. Vogt) (2015)
  • A December Bride (By: Denise Hunter) (2015)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

  • This Time (2004)
  • The Writing Desk (2017)
  • The Love Letter (2018)
  • The Memory House (2019)
  • The Fifth Avenue Story Society (2020)

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

  • Hurricane Allie (2013)

Publication Order of Year Of Weddings 2 Books

  • Love at Mistletoe Inn (By: Cindy Kirk) (2014)
  • A Brush with Love: A January Wedding Story (2014)
  • To Have and to Hold (By Betsy St. Amant, Katie Ganshert, Becky Wade) (2015)
  • Serving Up a Sweetheart (By Cheryl Wyatt) (2015)
  • All Dressed Up in Love (By Ruth Logan Herne) (2015)
  • Picture Perfect Love (By: Melissa McClone) (2015)
  • Love Takes the Cake (By Betsy St. Amant) (2015)
  • The Perfect Arrangement (By: Katie Ganshert) (2015)
  • A Season to Wed (By: Cindy Kirk) (2015)
  • Toss the Bouquet (By Ruth Logan Herne) (2016)
  • Kiss the Bride (By Robin Lee Hatcher, Melissa McClone, Kathryn Springer) 

20 Best Rachel Hauck Books (2023)

1. One Fine Day

Chloe Beason LaRue and Sam Hardy's paths intersect in their hometown of Hearts Bend, Tennessee after a decade apart. Chloe, a head baker for Haven's Bakery, is back in town due to her mother's health issues. 

Meanwhile, injured Tennessee Titans quarterback Sam is in town to invest in the same bakery. The former high school sweethearts find themselves working together and rekindling their romance. 

Despite their challenging past and live events, they support each other and risk for love. As they navigate grief, fear, and pain, they are aided by a supportive cast of family and friends. 

The two venture to Paris where their future remains uncertain. In this sweet story of faith, romance, and an unexpected happy ending, Chloe and Sam learn how to live with and without the people they love. 

"One Fine Day" by Carrie Padgett and Rachel Hauck is the perfect summer read filled with unforgettable characters and a charming small-town setting.

2. You'll Be Mine

International hotel manager Ben Carter returns to Hearts Bend with one purpose in mind - to sell the inn he inherited from his grandparents. 

Meanwhile, real estate developer Cami Jackson, eager to acquire the inn due to the sweet memories it holds for her, has her own motives. 

As Ben and Cami reunite, their past threatens to interfere with their present and tear them apart once again. 

The novel delves into themes of second chances, love, and forgiveness as Ben and Cami navigate their relationship and deal with Cami's father's opposition to the sale of the inn, haunted by a tragedy from the past. 

"You'll Be Mine" is a romantic tale set in the charming town of Hearts Bend, about finding love and letting go of the past.

3. Lambert's Code

A contemporary love story with a faith-filled twist! In "Lambert's Code," Julie Lambert and Ethan must navigate their strained relationship caused by Julie's infertility. 

Ethan sets out on a journey to understand the "Lambert Family Code" of submission and help heal their marriage. Julie and Ethan must learn to live by the code and rediscover their love for each other as they overcome their loss. 

Part of a collection of Christian romance novels published by Heartsong Presents, this inspiring tale will warm your heart.

Also, meet Taylor, Julie, and Elizabeth, three New Hampshire women on a mission to find change and fulfillment. Taylor's career needs a boost, Julie must accept she can't have children, and Elizabeth's ambitions might be keeping her from true love and happiness. Will they find what they're searching for in White Birch?

4. Lambert's Peace

In Lambert's Peace, Taylor Hudson seeks refuge in White Birch, seeking peace and direction for her faltering career. But her heart is still grappling with the love she left behind, Will, ten years ago. 

As she strives for Jesus' peace, Will strives to win her back, but Taylor's guarded heart presents a challenge. 

The book follows their journey as they navigate past hurts, trust, and faith, and strive to find love and peace together. 

This Christian romance novel is the second in the Lambert Trilogy, where each book delves into the lives of the town's residents, their relationships, and their faith. 

The "grandparents" offer wisdom and challenge the characters to find their own path. 

This inspiring love story is part of a collection of Christian romance novels by Heartsong Presents.

5. Lost in NashVegas

The protagonist embarks on a daring journey from Freedom, Alabama to Music City, Nashville with a guitar, a notebook of songs, and a '69 Chevy pickup truck, determined to make it as a singer/songwriter. 

Despite being plagued by stage fright, she overcomes her fear and sets out to chase her dream, seeking guidance and support from new friends, including the charming Lee Rivers.

As she prepares to perform at the renowned Bluebird Cafe, she is faced with a moment of truth where she must confront her insecurities and decide whether to pursue her passion or run away. 

Lost in NashVegas captures the raw, emotional struggle of making it in the music industry and the lengths one will go to make their dream a reality.

This book is a must-read for anyone who loves Nashville, the show, or the city, and wants to witness the harsh realities of the music industry, with a heartwarming and uplifting twist. Enjoy this good Christian read!

6. Diva NashVegas

Aubrey James reigns supreme as the Queen of Country, ruling the charts for over a decade with her fame skyrocketing in the aftermath of her gospel music pioneer parents' passing. 

Though her public persona, with its high-profile romances and battles with Music Row executives, provides juicy tabloid headlines, the real and private Aubrey remains an enigma. 

But when a former band member betrays her trust and sells a tell-all to the press, Aubrey knows she must take control of her story. The task proves challenging when the Inside NashVegas interviewer is someone from her past, someone she had hoped to forget. 

The alluring country music star's moxie refuses to be suppressed any longer, as she agrees to the first-ever sit-down interview with Nashville's premier show. 

But when the regular host goes on maternity leave and sports host Scott takes her place, the interview becomes a potential powder keg, as Scott and Aubrey harbor a secret that could make things uncomfortable for everyone. 

Rachel Hauck's "Diva NashVegas" is a breathtaking tale of love, scandal, and the path to redemption. 

With its switching first-person narration and interview transcripts that drive the story forward, the book creates a complex and sympathetic protagonist in Aubrey, who must reconcile her past, confront her present, and face her future, all while navigating the unpredictable terrain of the Nashville music scene. 

The author masterfully balances Aubrey's ungodly behavior with her yearning for a connection to God, culminating in a captivating and emotional journey that readers will love. 

Hauck's writing style showcases her skill in creating relatable characters, with the relationship between Aubrey and Scott proving to be a highlight, as the two of them navigate their feelings for each other amidst the chaos. 

The book is a triumph, and its themes of compromise, self-discovery, and second chances make it one of Rachel Hauck's best works to date.

7. Nashville Dreams

You won't believe it! From stocking groceries in Freedom, Alabama to taking the stage at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee! But, oh boy, the excitement is met with terror as I've got serious stage fright. Yet, I refuse to be ruled by fear and hide from my dream. 

So, I bravely faced my limited reality and left home, leaving behind the hometown heartthrob who wanted to make me the queen of his double-wide and Momma's doubt-inspiring rant. I know I can make it in Music City, right?

With my old guitar and a notebook full of songs, I packed up my trusty '69 Chevy pickup and headed to NashVegas. With the help of new friends, especially the charming Lee Rivers, I'm chasing my dream and finding the light of day. But as I prepare for my first night at the Bluebird Cafe, I realize...I might just do what comes naturally-run for the nearest exit!

This book by Rachel Hauck is a delightful surprise! As a fan of Hauck's work, I was excited to read something different from her usual wedding-themed books. But, don't worry, there's still a hint of romance.

Follow Robin's journey as a twenty-something who's floating through life with no direction, moving from one crappy job to another. Her true passion is writing music and singing on her front porch. 

With a goal to become a songwriter, she must overcome her intense stage fright. You'll see her discover herself, God's great plan, and his overwhelming peace while navigating who to trust in a town where dreams can be made or shattered in an instant.

I may not be a talented singer or musician, but it was still a thrill to experience Robin's life. I highly recommend this book to my teenage daughter because it highlights God's mercy and strength in times of need, while also showing how to handle life's struggles and navigate romantic feelings.

8. Nashville Sweetheart

Ruling the charts as the country queen for over a decade, Aubrey James skyrocketed to fame in the shadow of her Gospel music pioneer parents' death. Despite juicy tabloid headlines of her public life, high-profile romances, and battles with Music Row executives, the real and private Aubrey remained a media mystery.

But when a former band member betrays her trust and sells an exclusive to a tabloid, Aubrey knows she must go public with her story. Her private world is shattered, however, when she realizes the Inside NashVegas interviewer is someone from her past—someone she had hoped to forget.

Possible Duplicate Alert: If you've read a previous Rachel Hauck book about a Nashville singer, make sure it isn't the same book before picking this up, as it may be retitled with a new cover.

I was completely absorbed by this book! I found the plot to be fast-paced, keeping my attention throughout, and I was eager to find out how the story would end. I especially liked the hero in the story and appreciated his sense of humor.

It was inspiring to see the main character drawback to her faith roots and get back on track, despite her flaws. However, I was disappointed that some of the deeper issues she faced when walking outside of her faith seemed downplayed and too easily resolved. 

For example, lying to a long-time friend just to have a normal friendship seemed unrealistic, and the way she and her live-in partner parted ways was too sweet and nice. I also found it unrealistic that the main character tried to get others to like her by giving away celebrity merchandise, like handbags.

Despite these criticisms, I still enjoyed reading this book and appreciated the author's writing style. Although it felt like some elements were too worldly, the Christian elements were solid. I wouldn't let my comments discourage you from giving this one a try—it's a fun story!

9. Sweet Caroline 

Caroline devotes her life to serving others, leaving little room for personal happiness. But when her former flame, Mitch O'Neal, returns to town, she's gifted with a chance at rekindling first love. And when a friend proposes a thrilling job opportunity in Spain, Caroline takes a leap of faith and embraces a new destiny.

But her journey hits a roadblock when she becomes the owner of the dilapidated Frogmore Café and must make a tough decision between her friends and her future. With Mitch's guidance, Caroline embarks on a spiritual journey, seeking God's desires for her life. And she may just discover the sweetest parts of life she's been missing.

At first, the thought of reading a Christian fiction book made me uneasy, but I was drawn in by the synopsis and took a chance at it. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the captivating story and relatable characters. 

Although the book touched on religious themes, the writing was done in a way that made it tolerable even for someone with scattered beliefs.

The ending took me by surprise, as I expected a typical, sweet southern fiction story with a predictable ending, but it was anything but. The final moments were emotional and heartwarming, bringing tears to my eyes.

In conclusion, this book exceeded my expectations and I'm grateful I gave it a chance. I'll definitely be reading more from the author, Rachel Hauck. 

Although the religious themes still make me a bit uneasy, the writing was done in a way that almost made me want to explore the spiritual journey that Caroline went on. A great book overall.

10. Love Starts with Elle

Elle basks in the vibrant life of Beaufort, South Carolina, where summer days are filled with sand bar fun, coastal bonfires, and heartwarming dinners with friends. She shines as the owner of a thriving art gallery, living the dream.

But when handsome and confident Jeremiah Franklin proposes moving to another state to take up a pastor's call, Elle risks everything to follow him. When he changes his mind, Elle's faith is shattered, and she's left feeling hurt.

Enter New York lawyer and recent widower Heath McCord, who rents Elle's Lowcountry cottage for the summer to heal his grieving heart and bond with his daughter. Unprepared to meet the stunning Elle, Heath's friendship with her awakens a new love.

But love isn't easy, especially for these two broken hearts. As they navigate through their grief, they discover that God has new blessings in store for them. Can they trust enough to take the first step toward love?

This book left me in awe, deserving 10 stars and more! It's my favorite of the Lowcountry series, not just because I'm a South Carolinian native. I recently discovered Rachel Hauck, who quickly became one of my top favorite authors. Hauck's writing is vivid and immersive, making you feel like you're living the story.

Elle's journey to find love and faith is heart-wrenching and inspiring. From being told she has no artistic talent to selling her gallery and following her pastor fiancé, she discovers the transformative power of prayer and closeness to God. Hauck's writing is emotional, leaving you living the book for days after. I can't wait for more from this talented author.

11. Dining with Joy

Joy Ballard, the host of a regionally syndicated cooking show, conceals a perplexing secret: she can't cook! However, when her show gets picked up by a major network and given a prime-time slot, her world explodes into chaos.

Enter Luke Redmond, handsome and creative, yet jobless after declaring bankruptcy on his Manhattan restaurant. Joy sees him as a way out when her producers ask him to co-host the show. But Luke sees more in Joy than just a co-host.

Their relationship heats up on and off the set until Joy's secret is revealed on national television by her rival, Wenda Devine, ruining her reputation.

But Devine's cruelty could be a divine gift. Losing Luke and her sister forces Joy to question where her worth truly lies. Could God be brewing a bigger adventure from the mess? Will Joy hold on long enough to find out?

This novel thoroughly captivated me. The author masterfully blends God into the story in a realistic manner that was refreshing to read. I highly recommend this author and eagerly look forward to reading more from her. 

This novel is appropriate for young girls to read as it is clean throughout with only a few kisses between the main characters, nothing beyond that or implied. 

The author presents a story without sexist undertones and the characters set a positive example that one doesn't need to be promiscuous to lead a fulfilling life. 

The moral of the story might be that the truth always prevails. The author showcases how circumstances can alter good intentions and turn a gesture into a trial that leads to unfortunate results, but the heroine doesn't get destroyed or devastated forever. I recommend this book wholeheartedly!

12. Once Upon a Prince

Susanna Truitt, an ordinary girl from Georgia, never imagined a fairytale romance, but a proposal from the man she's loved for twelve years. 

However, when her high school sweetheart, now a Marine officer, breaks up with her, Susanna must reinvent her life. 

Prince Nathaniel, a royal prince from the fictional country of Brighton, doesn't expect to fall in love on his holiday to St. Simons Island. 

With duty calling and political tensions at home, he can't choose love or a bride of his own. But when he encounters Susanna, stranded with a flat tire, he's immediately enchanted and she finds comfort in confiding in him. 

Their worlds collide, and Nathaniel must weigh his kingdom against his heart. "Once Upon a Prince," the first in Rachel Hauck's "The Royal Wedding Series," tells the story of Susanna and Nathaniel's whirlwind romance, despite it being against the law for a Brightonian king to marry a foreigner. 

This cute book, filled with Christian inspiration, was rated 3 out of 5 stars by a reader who felt the story could have used more tension and emotional connection to the characters. 

However, the reader was inspired by the book's messages about having faith in God's plan and upholding Christian morals and values.

13. Princess Ever After

"Princess Ever After" is the electrifying second installment in the Royal Wedding series by New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck. This edition follows the story of Regina Beswick, a small-town girl from Tallahassee, Florida, who runs a classic auto restoration shop. 

Unbeknownst to Regina, she harbors a secret destiny that lies within the pages of her grandmother's hand-painted fairytale book.

Meanwhile, Tanner Burkhardt, the stoic Minister of Culture for the Grand Duchy of Hessenberg, must retrieve the long-lost princess and secure his nation's future, despite the fear of failure that haunts him. However, a sinister opponent lurks in the political shadows with a plot to abolish the throne forever.

As Regina faces overwhelming opposition, she must weigh her options and determine if she is meant to restore old cars or an entire ancient nation. With a touch of divine intervention, Regina and Tanner discover the truth of her heritage and the healing power of love.

This installment is a heart-pounding thrill ride filled with love, adventure, and destiny. Will Regina choose her royal destiny or stick with her passion for restoring classic cars? Will Tanner overcome his fears and secure the future of his nation? Get ready to be swept away in this unforgettable tale.

14. How to Catch a Prince

In Rachel Hauck's How to Catch a Prince, a modern fairy tale with a twist, Corina Del Rey, a journalist living in Melbourne, Florida, is entrenched in her career and trying to distract herself from her dissolving family. 

On the other hand, Prince Stephen of Brighton Kingdom, now a star rugby player, has fled to America to escape responsibility but finds himself facing an unexpected notice requiring him and his wife to appear in court to dissolve their marriage. 

The prince is shocked, as he thought the secret marriage had been annulled long ago, but his memories of Corina remain. 

With the secret marriage still legally recognized under the laws of the church, King Nathaniel demands that Stephen retrieve Corina to sign annulment papers. 

However, Corina refuses unless Stephen reveals the truth about her twin brother's death in Afghanistan seven years prior, a matter that has been classified for the nation's security. 

When Corina is sent to Brighton Kingdom to cover a movie premiere, she embarks on a journey of faith, which leads her to a realization of God's love and a potential reunion with Stephen. 

This book is the third in the Royal Wedding Series and is a charming, romantic read that delves into the themes of love and faith.

15. A Royal Christmas Wedding

The former college volleyball star, Avery Truitt, rushes back to Brighton Kingdom after five years of estrangement from her former flame, Prince Colin. With the loss of her father and the joy of her sister's pregnancy, Avery's visit coincides with the enchanting Christmas season. 

However, her heart remains uncertain about facing Colin, now the kingdom's most eligible bachelor.

Upon encountering Colin, he is faced with a centuries-old tradition and must choose between fulfilling his duty or following his heart for Avery. As tradition dictates, Colin must convince Avery to meet him at the Pembroke Chapel on Christmas morning. Will Avery succumb to her feelings and reunite with Colin, or will she follow her plan of coaching career and return to St. Simons?

As a fan of the author and the series, the narrator was overjoyed to find out about the latest installment telling Avery's story. The narrator couldn't help but adore Avery, who is sweet, enthusiastic, and all-around fun, despite the injury that ended her volleyball career. 

On the other hand, Prince Colin, who is respectful and sweet, won the narrator's heart with his devotion to Avery and his father.

Overall, the book left the narrator in tears and has earned a place on their all-time favorites list. The narrator highly recommends this sweet and fantasy-filled story, and the entire series, as the author never fails to deliver a wonderful reading experience.

16. The Wedding Dress

Charlotte, the owner of a chic Birmingham bridal boutique, uses her gift and passion to dress brides for their big day. But as her own wedding day approaches, she struggles to find the perfect dress and second-guesses her commitment to Tim.

Fate intervenes when Charlotte discovers a vintage dress in a battered trunk at an estate sale. Its brand-new appearance, adorned with pearls and satin and hand-stitched with timeless design, captures her curiosity and ignites a search for its history and next wearer.

What begins as a distraction from her wavering love life transforms into a journey of self-discovery as Charlotte uncovers the stories of the women who wore the dress before her - Emily from 1912, Mary Grace from 1939, and Hillary from 1968. 

Each story woven into the threads of the beautiful hundred-year-old gown reveals the truth about Charlotte's heritage, the courage and faith it takes to find true love, and the power of a single item to bring people together.

Rachel Hauck's "The Wedding Dress" follows the journey of a vintage wedding dress through time and life, spreading hope and love. 

The novel features Charlotte, the dress's creator, and Monica, a modern bride-to-be, as the main characters, while exploring the lives and relationships of the various women who wear the dress over the years. 

Its unique and captivating storyline, emotional and uplifting read, and beautiful descriptions make it a charming and heartwarming novel that leaves a lasting impression on its readers.

17. The Wedding Chapel

Eighty-three-year-old Jimmy Westbrook, a retired football hall-of-famer, once built a wedding chapel by hand for his beloved Colette Greer but was forced to leave for Korea and lost her. Now, as he prepares to sell the chapel, memories of his true love and the depths of his pain and loss linger within its walls.

Photographer Taylor Branson fled her hometown of Heart's Bend, Tennessee to start a new life in New York and escape a family history of broken promises. But when she falls head over heels for successful advertising executive Jack Forester and elopes, she finds herself battling second guesses. Jack, too, is struggling to open up and show her his true self and the depth of his love.

An assignment in Heart's Bend brings Taylor back to her past and family secrets. When her path crosses with Coach Westbrook, they both rediscover the heartbeat of their dreams and the worthiness of waiting for true love.

Readers are bound to be deeply invested in the heartaches and lives of the characters in Rachel Hauck's latest novel. She skillfully draws her readers into the story, and the characters jump off the page and into their hearts. 

Rachel's unapologetic incorporation of spiritual messages and the presence of the Holy Spirit in her writing are standout features and a testament to her belief that she was created by God to write. 

This book is a powerful and amazing tribute to God and is highly recommended. Get ready to be hooked from page one and ache for the characters long after finishing. Just beware, you'll be eagerly waiting for another of Rachel's masterpieces.

18. To Love a Prince

Daffodil Caron never lived the fairy tale dream of being a princess, despite once longing for it as a young girl growing up as a playmate to royalty at Perrigwynn Palace. Yet, everything changed the day she uncovered a royal secret.

Eighteen years later, Daffy leads a content life as a successful art curator for the Royal Trust, with friends, a flat in the capital city, and a dashing boyfriend. But her former best friend and prince, Gus, remains far from her thoughts.

Once ridiculed as "Prince Pudgy," HRH Prince Augustus now commands a world-famous smile and allure. Devastated by being left at the altar and then dumped by his second fiancé, he escapes to a Florida beach to find solace. 

A year of anonymity prompts him to reconsider his destiny, even entertaining the idea of pouring drinks at a tiki bar instead of serving his country and the royal family.

However, a chance Frisbee throws on the beach alters his fate forever. Daffy recognizes her prince, despite his changed appearance, and reminds him of his heritage and importance to Lauchtenland.

Assigned to work at Hadsby Castle for his brother's wedding ball, Daffy and Gus' friendship blossoms into affection. But when secrets are revealed, Gus must choose between his past and future, while Daffy must trust her heart to love a prince.

In her latest work, Rachel Hauck weaves a modern romance that fulfills every girl's fairy tale dream of becoming a real princess. Daffy and Gus are an adorable couple, from the green Frisbee hit to their hikes up the Hand of God and their heartfelt kisses. 

The author's portrayal of the hero, Gus, is particularly noteworthy, as he overcomes his insecurities and matures throughout the story.

The plot also succeeds in keeping the reader engaged, with unexpected twists that cleverly subvert traditional tropes. The author's "glimpses beyond the veil" into spiritual realms add a beautiful touch to the story. 

The fictional country of Lauchtenland, with its blend of grandeur and coziness, will capture the reader's imagination, particularly as seen through the eyes of a local citizen like Daffy.

However, the character development may seem a bit shallow at times, and some characters escape accountability for their actions. Additionally, the choice of character names, such as Daffy, may appear quirky. 

Despite these criticisms, readers can look forward to more characters like Emmanuel and Adelaide in future books, and will appreciate the references to the author's previous works.

19. This Time

Oklahoma Rancher Belle Jamison's world is sent tumbling when her best friend drops the bombshell that Burke Benning, their former classmate and NFL superstar running back, will be the Master of Ceremonies at their fifteenth-class reunion. Twelve years ago, Burke shattered Belle's heart by abandoning her just minutes before their wedding ceremony.

Burke's retirement from professional football forces him to return home to Haskell. Despite the uncertainty of his future, he must confront the pain he caused Belle. A vast expanse of unspoken words looms between them, and only God's grace and peace can heal their wounds.

The sight of Burke reignites the love and pain that Belle has kept buried in her heart. As they reconnect and reignite a lost love, Belle must decide whether to forgive and trust Burke once more.

Can their love overcome the past's destruction? Will this time be different and last?

What a magnificent book! God is truly faithful when we put our faith in Him, even when we don't know what He has planned for us. This is for our own good and His glory. Thank you for sharing His love through your books.

This was a beautiful tale of redemptive love. The highlight for me was the demonstration of the power of a personal relationship with Christ. 

Too many Christians mistakenly believe that simply saying the sinner's prayer and occasional church attendance are enough to be saved, but the author shows the beauty and importance of a deep commitment and daily (if not hourly) connection with the Savior of our souls.

This might have been one of the author's earlier works, but it fell short of my expectations. If you're new to this author, I would recommend starting with some of her other books. 

This book was very brief, lacked much of the humor I'm used to seeing, and the characters were not as vivid as I would have liked. It was sweet and showcased the author's faith, which I appreciated, but all of her other books are five-star. Start with those.

20. Hurricane Allie

As wedding preparations for Allie Stetson and Kyle Landon reach a fever pitch, the unexpected rears its head. While Allie manages the last-minute details, Kyle embarks on a crucial business trip to New York. 

But the stars don't seem to be aligning for the couple, as a raging hurricane named after Allie threatens to derail their big day.

Set in Florida, this romance novel opens with Allie's unofficial bridal shower two weeks before her August 12th wedding to Kyle, the romantic entrepreneur she's been dating for 7 to 8 months. 

Despite Kyle's reluctance to leave Allie in the middle of wedding preparations, his business demands that he secure a new client in New York. Meanwhile, Hurricane Allie barrels towards the coast, adding to Allie's already mounting stress.

With everything on the line, Allie and Kyle are put to the test. Allie, who has always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, must navigate the storm's challenges while grappling with her own insecurities. 

As the hurricane barrels down on the coast, Kyle desperately searches for a way back home. Throughout the tumultuous journey, we see Allie mature from a self-centered young woman to someone who trusts in the Lord and experiences His power firsthand.

Can their love withstand the forces of nature? Will Kyle make it back in time for the wedding? Will Allie's fairy tale wedding become a reality? This clean romance explores the resilience of love and the power of faith in the face of adversity.

FAQs for "Best Rachel Hauck Books"

How many books has Rachel Hauck published?

As of 2021, Rachel Hauck has published over twenty novels.

What are some popular Rachel Hauck books?

Some popular Rachel Hauck books include The Wedding Dress, The Sweet By and By, The Royal Runaway, and Once Upon a Prince.

What genre do Rachel Hauck's books fall under?

Rachel Hauck's books mostly fall under the genre of romantic fiction.

Where can I find Rachel Hauck's books?

Rachel Hauck's books are available for purchase at most bookstores and online retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They are also available as e-books.

Is Rachel Hauck a member of any writing organizations?

Yes, Rachel Hauck is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association.

How can I stay updated on Rachel Hauck's new releases and other news?

To stay updated on Rachel Hauck's new releases and other news, you can follow her on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for her newsletter on her website.

Do Rachel Hauck's books have any awards or accolades?

Yes, Rachel Hauck's books have won numerous awards, including the Carol Award and the Holt Medallion.

Conclusion: Best Rachel Hauck Books & Series List

In conclusion, With over 20 published novels and a career spanning more than a decade, Rachel Hauck stands tall as a bestselling author renowned for her heartwarming and romantic stories. Readers around the world have fallen in love with her captivating writing style, winning her numerous awards along the way.

This article presents 20 of the best Rachel Hauck books that fans simply cannot miss. Immerse yourself in a world of love, family, and second chances with a range of enthralling plots and relatable characters.

From the emotional journey in "The Sweet By and By" to the sweeping romance in "The Lost Castle," each book promises to whisk you away on an adventure of wonder and enchantment.

So, whether you're a die-hard romantic or simply in need of a heartwarming love story, make sure to add these books to your must-read list. Get ready to be transported to a world of love and wonder.

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